Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Believe In Super Heroes

Super heroes are real.  I’ve known this to be true since I was a little girl. 
Here’s how I know…
  • In the middle of the night, when the house was creaking and I was scared, my super hero came to my room, sat on my bed, explained why the house creaked, and stayed with me until I fell asleep.
  • When I was under the water in the hotel pool with my hair caught, my super hero saved me from drowning. 
  • When I fell asleep before the church service ended, my super hero lifted me in his strong arms and carried me safely to the car. 
  • When I was twelve and crying over a bad perm that I had received three days before the start of junior high, my super hero told me I was beautiful and “so much more” than my hair.
  • When I wrecked my bike and skinned my knee or, later, had my car break down along the side of the freeway, my super hero came to the rescue and made everything alright.  
  • When I graduated from high school and college, walked down the aisle to be married, and gave birth to my son, my super hero was there supporting me and celebrating with me. 
Since I was a little girl, my super hero was merely a call away.  He didn’t have a cape or a big fancy name.  I simply knew him as “Dad,” and he always made me feel protected, beautiful, smart, and capable. 
Super heroes are real.  I’ve known this to be a true since I was a little girl.