Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ten Lessons My Mom Taught Me

Ten Lessons My Mom Taught Me

Perhaps, it's because my mother will turn 75 this fall.  Perhaps, it's because I turned 45 this spring.  Or, maybe, it's because my son turned 21 this year, and I hope, like all moms, that I have instilled lessons in him that will stay with him forever. 

Whatever the reason, I have spent a great deal of time this year contemplating the lessons my mother has shared with me and how they have shaped the person I am today. There are far too many to list, but these ten lessons my mom has taught me are among the ones that will stay with me forever.
  1. There is an adventure waiting for you in the pages of a book.
  2. What we create in our kitchens will be remembered.
  3. Giving a gift is better than receiving a gift.
  4. Watching movies is a great pastime.
  5. You can never say please and thank you enough.
  6. Cranking the radio on high makes the housework get done quicker.
  7. Always keep a few dollars in a zippered section of your purse--it will come in handy.
  8. Home is where your story begins.
  9. Marriage is for a lifetime.
  10. Wind Song really does stay on your mind.
I plan, in the next few weeks, to expand upon each of these lessons, one-by-one in this blog.  Thanks, Mom, for being my first and most enduring teacher.


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